Children Calendar – Part 2

Welcome back everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day. Today we’re going to discuss the weekly, monthly, and yearly activities you can schedule to spend more quality time with your children. Let’s get started!

Weekly Activities

When it comes to weekly activities, schedule an hour or two where you’re completely focused on your kids, individually or collectively. Spend this time doing something they enjoy.  Maybe you can grab an ice cream on Saturday mornings.  Or maybe you can do Donuts with Daddy on Sunday afternoons. In short, choose something that will be special to your children and add it to your calendar. Make it part of your family’s natural rhythm and make new traditions. If you’re consistent with daily and weekly activities, you’re going to make some really precious memories with your kids. These are things you’ll never forget, and neither will they!


Monthly activities entail longer outings with your child or children. It could be that once a month you spend the day at the pool or go to a water park. You might go to a baseball game or have a movie marathon. It’s basically a full day indulging in some sort of treat with them.


Yearly activities are something I’m still aspiring to do. I haven’t made it happen yet. My kids are really young, so it isn’t as applicable now as it will be when they’re older. That said, I’m going to challenge you (and myself) on this.  For a yearly activity, consider having an overnight retreat with your children, preferably a one-on-one. You could go camping, or take a day trip then spend the night in a nearby hotel. This doesn’t have to be limited to one night, of course. For some people, a longer outing is better. It all depends on your preferences and family dynamics.

There you have it! If you want to maximize the amount of time you spend with your children, putting it on a calendar and scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities will do wonders. What I’ve shared in this post is based upon wisdom I’ve learned from others, and it’s proven very helpful to my family. I have a feeling it will benefit yours as well. So whip out your calendar, start planning, and have some fun with your kids! Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section. Until then, have a better than amazing day!

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